by Cesar Ruiz

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released June 13, 2015

All tracks mixed by jalipaz and Cesar Ruiz except tracks 2 and 5 mixed by Jirix-Mie Paz. Mastered by jalipaz.

Cesar Ruiz: Vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, guitarrón, piano, synthesizers, samples, drum kit, percussion

Jake Ashton: Vocals on tracks 3, 5 and 6

Tyler Broderick: Vocals on tracks 3 and 5

Vella Clayton: Vocals on tracks 1 and 6

Talisha Royer: Vocals on tracks 2 and 4

Chloe Benson: Vocals on tracks 2 and 4

Angelina Ramirez: The Man on track 5

Tristan Jemsek: Drums on tracks 3 and 6

Alex Whalen: Slide guitar on track 4

Recorded at CesarTown, The Slaughterhaus, audioconfusion and several miscellaneous rooms.




Cesar Ruiz Flagstaff, Arizona

Cesar Ruiz floats in Arizona while not travelling. At times, he has multiple people helping him perform his music. The songs are available for listening/swooning purposes.


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Track Name: Mijo Blues
Turn the radio up
Shake those hips now
Making waffles in the morning
My love for you may not always show, but I got to let you know

Mama you're the best
Better than all the rest
How are you so great
Let me stay out til' 8:00 P.M.

You said it was your fault
That's not it at all
Others before yourself
Shows your sense of wealth
Track Name: Soap No.1
A little bit of soap is all I need
A dollar a pack
A little bit of soap is all I need
I'll make sure that you are gone
A little bit of soap will wash away those memories of you
You'll be gone and so will my mind too

Makes me cry
Cry inside
(Yeah) Don't see you in town no more
(Yeah) Could it be restored?
(Then you went away) I'll lay on the floor
(Don't you want to stay?) Memory, be no more
Track Name: Hep Hep
I'll just dance by myself (Hep Hep Ooh-Ah-Ooh)
Don't need anybody else (Hep...)
But if your moves are true, show me (Ahh)
Don't want to dance with Bobby (Hep...)
Ronny, Kenny, or Molly (Hep...)
They don't know how I move, hep hep ooh-ah-ooh (Ahh)

Stepping and I see something, something in the way
Ooh stepping and I see something, something in the way
Stepping and I, ooh-wee wee-ooh

(Dancing to the dancing and we're going strong, moving to the groovin' and we're moving up)

(Why?) Can't it be just a dance?
(Why?) Embarrassment, mistaken romance.
(And it-tow-ten-too-dee-en) Moving and moving (woah)
Remind myself, for myself

Just keep going there's no stopping
feel that rhythm in your body
(Just...) Getting older, can't wait to wear
cargo shorts and dance all night long
(Just.../Getting...) This is funny, this is magic
This is where my dreams can happen
Just shut up and shake those babies ooh
Track Name: Dinner At Rudy's
I don't want to buy you or fish for your body
Objectify you or toss you away
Don't want your wealth, look out for your health
I won't sneak or stealth, you're okay
Don't want to put you inside of a box
(Can't categorize you or hold you back)
I won't impose you, I won't reprise you
(If we are pigs we stay part of the pack)

No painting could ever replace forever
Ligand, receptor we will bind
When you've reached your peak and you are too weak
I will not leave you behind
Don't fear my rejection, refusion, exception
(I will not give up on you)
No epilogue or feeding to the dogs
(Compleat form with me and you)

(Remember that I'm your friend and I believe in you)

I don't want to completely drain you
Judge what you do, distort your way
Thrust in fog, kicked like a dog
You will not become a stray
Won't deny you, won't exploit you
(Don't you know you can stay at rest?)
Shoes or sock-hops, potential of all you got
(Clothed by sky or just a vest)

Effervescent, sound investment
No insecurity to ditch in a pit
Run in the rain, let go of the pain
There's a song with you place in it
Make home movies, dinner at Rudy's
Do what you gotta do, go visit Amadou
I'll be me and you be you
Track Name: Death By Lovesong

Now hear this story from the ancient sands
'Bout a goblin want to be in a band
With his drum set, playing a beat
The way it can't be beat
The way the music kissed his soul
Getting lost in Rock N' Roll
Passion by day, obsession by night
Guitar strings thick and tight

How he were young and felt so much
He would cry for his favorite band
The power in a power chord
Attraction to his hands
The tendency to want to jam all night
Staying up with all his might
Electricity, in the air
Clapping hands, waving hair

The goblin wasn't made for these times
His activity was listed as crime
There's no room for giving your all
Rise above, we'll make you fall
Summoned to court, drove his van
Council of The Man
(Two counts) Of fret work so frantic
(Three counts) Of helpless romantic
(How will you perish for your wrongs?)
Death by lovesong
Track Name: Poptart
I'm always putting you off
When I can, I put you down
Your pieces on my computer
Work on you, you scream and shout

I say I'm never around
Got my car, my job, my sleep
Try to stay invested (in those things)
But you never let me be

(The truth is) You make it hard to love you
Your melody will never be a hit
Your harmony is off-color
Your texture doesn't (fit)

(Take my heart, take my love)

So let me know if you want to work
And I will obliterate this door
So say you will (say you will)

As the whole world catches Z's
It's only me and you
Let's make magic happen
Track Name: Pie
Everyday should look like it's before noon
but I always crave you after 1:00 P.M.
Had a tough day, locked to my word no hope for a daydreaming dunce
But my card is punched
Waiting for the call
Blood rushing through my head, my head rushing through
The hyperbeam of flavors


Mixed berry, apple, cherry
Subtleties of your body, joy in my life
Noogie my strife